Free and open-source cycling simulator for Android

Available on GitHub

A trainer mode for everyone

Want to simulate a previous ride, or one you created? Choose simulation.

You'd rather space out and train at a % of your FTP? Choose constant power. Cyclismo will use a proportional–integral–derivative (PID) controller to automatically adjust the trainer resistance to meet your target. Don't like the PID controller? We have other feedback mechanisms too, we just haven't exposed them in the GUI yet.

We're not sure why you'd choose constant speed, but it's there if you need it.

Something for data junkies

Obsessed with numbers? This screens for you. The little blue bar at the bottom lets you know how long there is to go.

Add your fleet

Cyclismo supports adding multiple bikes. The bike mass is used in the calculation of the rider speed. Future features could include adding an aerodynamic coefficient for a more accurate calculation.

See where you are

Cyclismo uses OpenStreetMap via MapsForge to plot the course and your position as you ride.